The following tables contain the results of all posts which have been analyzed using this site.

Each post can only be analyzed once. Checking already captured posts will show the result of the last analysis.
1.5 weeks after analyzing, each post is checked again in case a Trending post made it to Hot.
This happens only once for each post.

Posts captured on the Trending page:

User-uploaded posts 74996 / 77.6%
Bot posts 21645 / 22.4%
Total posts checked 96641

Posts captured on the Hot page:

User-uploaded posts 74395 / 70.5%
Bot posts 31127 / 29.5%
Total posts checked 105522

Posts captured on the Fresh page:

User-uploaded posts 59263 / 95.27%
Bot posts 2940 / 4.73%
Total posts checked 62203